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After a massive accident I wasn’t planning to go back to doing any sort of martial art or self defence. My friend introduced me to Sifu Keith Collyer who immediately made me feel at ease and reassured me about training on injuries.

He is a mine of information and a very skilled technician and i couldn’t think of anyone better to train with. Six months in and I will never look back!

Training has restored my confidence and has helped me get back into doing what I enjoy. I’m happy in the knowledge that I go home feeling safer and a lot more aware of my surroundings, a fantastic class lead by a fantastic teacher….. Thumbs up!

Testimonial for Crawley Wing Chun

I just wanted to say I think you are a top notch guy and a very good Instructor who is approachable and a good teacher. I think its right to say this and you deserve praise, I can imagine how hard you work behind the scenes, and I for one want to say thanks for doing your best for the students we really do appreciate it. Thanks!

Testimonial for Crawley Wing Chun

I have recently joined WCK UK Wing Chun Crawley under Sifu Keith Collyer. Sifu Keith is extremely knowledgeable and highly technical and his hands on style has a way of putting his students at ease.

The classes are excellent and always varied and the approach to training is one of active coaching and teaching rather than just showing you and letting you get on with it. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wishing to learn the art in a fully equipped matted environment.

Testimonial for Crawley Wing Chun

As a student of WCKUK I can honestly say that I have transformed both my skills and knowledge to a much higher level of appreciation towards the Wing Chun art, after being taught how not to do it for 3 years elsewhere.

My Sifu, Keith Collyer is awesome, he breaks everything down and is always open to questions or suggestions. We learn the simplest techniques to defend ourselves and get our strikes in the fastest and easiest ways possible.

Love it here and really look forward to my future under this Organisation.

Mrs Stevie Wood

Testimonial for Crawley Wing Chun